Mechanical Contractor – Sioux Chief Tour

Mechanical Contractor – Sioux Chief Tour

Sioux Chief Manufacturing recently had a Mechanical Contractor tour of their manufacturing plant in Kansas City, MO.

Rex Baer the Executive Vice President at Sioux Chief gives Chuck Zitting with All States Mechanical a demonstration on the importance of Water Hammer Arrestors.

If your plumbing bangs like a truckload of scrap metal, you have got “water hammer”.  Water gains momentum as it flows fast through pipes. When a valve closes quickly and stops the flow, that momentum shakes the pipes and increases the pressure well above design capabilities of the plumbing systems. Often this stress causes catastrophic failure.  A water hammer arrestor cures this condition with a piston or diaphragm backed by a cushion of air that absorbs the momentum. Washing machines, dishwashers and ice-makers are prime suspects on homes because the automatic valves close fast.  Arresters for washing machines have screw-on connections, making them as easy to attach as a garden hose.  Other arresters connect directly to the pipe, often under sinks.

Most model codes have caught up to the issue and require Water Hammer Arrestors on fast acting valves. Often they are not installed on older buildings or by contractors who know the code is often not enforced. In the video below Sioux Chief team member demonstrates why we as premier mechanical contractors use this product.

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